Myself (right), Becky, Joe & Saju, creating imagery

Hello all, it’s Hannah here, blogging to you on behalf of the Yorkshire & Humberside region.

Shake The Dust spirit is spreading through my veins and I’m honored to drop you all an insight on how our teams are shaking.

First up, a small introduction. I’m Hannah Robinson, a shadow artist and digital champion, from the area of Leeds. I’m a student of theatre and creative writing. This project has released me on a path towards my dream career, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be chosen as part of it.

Representing the only youth group in the region, my workshops are based on First Floor at The West Yorkshire Playhouse.  I’m shadow to Paulette Morris, a poet coach who delivers me with a world of endless inspiration. Her ways are feeding me with knowledge on how to command a classroom, engage in creative exercise and extract the best from the young individuals.

One workshop in, our journey is just crossing the starting line, yet the response is already strong and touching. The first workshop alone allowed a set of passionate kids to purge their soul through heartfelt expression of words and performance. Powerful team pieces are already taking shape, and the youngsters are inspired to write from home. It’s all looking positive from here!

Artistic Director, Jacob Sam-La Rose, dropped by last week to allow shadows and coaches time to gather and share. Positives and challenges were exchanged across the table, spreading a vibe for our regional team as a whole. All in all, Yorkshire is gearing up strong for battle! The majority of our teams are well underway with workshops and many have their final eight slammers selected. We all benefited greatly from the opportunity to work on the physical exercise that aimed to create imagery in performance. Left a truly motivated shadow, the development day further fuelled my soul with enthusiasm and self-belief. Bring on the slam!!