Hey guys! What a journey this has all been up to now, after ten workshops all the groups from Young Identity Old Trafford, Sale Grammar, Accrington Academy, Salford Academy and Chorlton High School were ready for what they had been working toward, the shake the dust regional North West Final.

I felt like I was more excited than some of the young people, I could hardly contain myself and the whole atmosphere was electric. As every youth community arrived they started without any prompting to mix with others from different groups and this became the theme throughout the day.

One of the main highlights for me in the day was how it felt like we were all part of a mass community coming together for this festive like appreciation of poetry.

I enjoyed how we as Poet coaches and Shadows got to perform in front of all the groups to show them that we were happy putting ourselves out there too. I felt this was very important as it showed we were in it together!

As all the activities went on all day there was so much to see and to hear as well as get involved with. It was great how at the end of the whole day that each group got feedback on their work and were awarded by the judges.

I really feel everyone got a lot from the event which included the very talented Ape Cult and I look forward to what London will bring.

Before I leave you I must say a massive thank you to all the Judges, Host staff, poets, the people behind the scenes who made this happen, but most of all every student who was represented as well as all the young people who did the stage work.

Lastly just remember this is just the start so I look forward from to more in the future.