The Albany was shaken up by the loudest enthusiastic audience I’d seen for a while, as the Regional Final finally made its way into South London. The night was a massive success due to the always-wonderful host, G.R.E.Ed.S and his ongoing list of catchphrases and audience participation, excited audience members (some of them expressed their love for the host on Twitter), five amazingly confident and talented teams of wordsmiths and some proud judges who were left in awe of the talent, performances, and poetry witnessed and put on show for them.

Let’s just say the audience were up dancing in their seats whenever music was played, so yes the atmosphere was electric to say the least.

Two rounds of group poems were performed with the first round centering around the theme of “Truce”, and the second round being a non-themed one. Whilst the judges were deciding which team gets which award, we were treated to dazzling performances from the Newham Word Champions – The Unexpected Poets and the wonderfully expressive Deanna Rodger.

The judges decided the following in terms of the giving out of the awards:

Roundhouse – Highest Scoring Team
The Albany РMost Striking Performance 
St Andrew’s School – Most Striking Line
GLYPT – Most Charismatic
Plumstead Manor – Most Courageous

So Roundhouse are the ones who will represent London in the National Shake the Dust Final. Are you ready to cheer them on?