Here’s a word from Laurie Bolger, our Digital, Marketing & Communications Intern…Lovely stuff.

Shake the Dust is the biggest National Youth Slam ever attempted!

So far we have had workshops, we have had some unbelievable performances all over the country at the Regional Finals and now it’s time to take all that energy and talent to another level as we celebrate the National Shake the Dust Weekend which kicks off today at The Southbank Centre, London!

Working a lot on the digital campaign for Shake the amount of positive feedback has been astounding! This project has changed the lives of thousands, inspired minds of all ages and given the opportunity for a shed load of young people to get their voices heard through spoken word….just wow.

Shake has been a massive success so far, there is LOADS still to come and I am so incredibly proud to say I was a part of it.
Check out our YoutTube Channel for Vids, Soundcloud for Sounds and Flickr for a lovely bunch of gorgeous SNAPS!
To everyone who has helped to drive this project forward, whether on the stage, backstage, watching the stage, in the office booking trains, organising t-shirts, venues, flyer drops, workshops, writing poems, perfecting poems, the list goes on WELL DONE to everyone!


Thank you for following this amazing project and hope to bump into you at the final!

NATIONAL SHAKE THE DUST WEEKEND Thursday 5 – Saturday 7 July @ Southbank Centre






Cya at the final!

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