Southbank Centre’s Young Producers bring together some of the most exciting up-and-coming voices on the UK spoken word scene, sprinkling their own creative and inventive poetic flavour over Shake the Dust.


Rachel Byrne
Shake the Dust! What a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved. As a lover of all things spoken word, and a volunteer youth facilitator, Rachel is especially excited to be working on this project which combines working with young people to promote the importance of words. Throughout the event as a Young Producer, she is most excited to learn from the people she gets to work with, to understand and contribute to what goes on ‘behind-the-scenes’, and most importantly, to have fun and be creative. Rachel can’t wait to get started!

Harriet Creelman
Harriet Creelman is an actress, producer and performance poet. For the past year she’s been writing and performing as part of the Barbican Poets collective (under the guidance of Shake the Dust’s Jacob Sam-La Rose) so she can’t wait to meet and work with poets from other collectives across the country.

Dora Mortimer
Dora is 23 and graduated with an English Literature degree from the University of Liverpool two years ago. She is so so excited to be a part of Shake the Dust this summer. Working with the Southbank is going to give her a brilliant idea of what’s involved in producing a large-scale poetry event before she goes off and starts a Masters this October. Shake the Dust is not just an event for Londoners but incorporates the whole country, giving a stage and a voice to students who wouldn’t usually have a platform; that’s what makes it something really special to coincide with this year’s Olympics, and Dora can’t wait to be a part of it!

Emma Harwood
Having dabbled in a few internships post-graduation, Emma is proud to now be a Young Producer at Southbank. As a part-time poet, she is excited about being involved with Shake the Dust, an organisation that celebrates the great diversity of youth. I treasure being a part of an initiative bringing the private process of writing into the public arena. Such a platform generates a wider audience to recognise the potential of the spoken word. Culminating in a national showcase, a snapshot of today’s talented young poets will be conveyed through the power of their individual voices.

Rebecca Abbott
Rebecca is a Creative Producer, Director and Dramaturg for theatre and events graduating from Central School of Speech and Drama in June. She is an interdisciplinary arts practitioner for theatre and events whose artistic credits include Accidental Festival at Camden’s Roundhouse, shows for London and New York Fashion Weeks, Dita Von Teese’s Cointreau Privé and theatrical productions at Central, Industrial Light Theatre, Tate Modern and Battersea Arts Centre.

Jamie Andrew Ottley
Jamie is 22 with a long line of media-based and theatre-based work in his past experiences from working on Eastenders, Film4 Frightfest, SciFi London, The Albany Theatre and being a member of BFI Future Film. He’s a writer at heart and an imaginative, creative visionary. He has many reasons why he’s excited about Shake The Dust. While his home area will host and stage the Olympics of sport, Shake The Dust will host the Olympics of spoken word and poetry. To brace the stage with a crowd looking upon you and to hear these young Olympiads of words, rhymatise their words of wisdom from the heart and soul of a younger generation to the crowd that encores and applauses for them, to give them a chance to take the world’s stage. And well if that isn’t exciting enough, then I don’t know what is anymore.

Russeni Fisher
Russeni is new to the poetry scene, and he’s enjoying being a part of it. He loves getting out there and sharing his work with other people. He believes that getting a positive response makes the hard work he puts in – and the passion he has for poetry – worthwhile. Therefore when the opportunity came up to do Shake the Dust he was really excited, as Shake the Dust reaches out to the community, and showcases poetry in a different way. It also allows new poets such as himself, not only a platform, but also the chance to work with a group of people who share the same passion in creating an event that people enjoy.

Dominique Dunne
What particularly excites Dominique about working with Shake the Dust, is the chance to experience poetry from a range of different voices. Since working as a Barbican Poet she has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to platform her own work and listen to her peers. Shake The Dust also gives young poets a voice, a chance to share their poetry. Dominique thinks this is a unique thing that should be celebrated and shared. Furthermore she really enjoys being around others that share her passion for written and spoken word.

Indigo Williams
She has performed across the UK and Europe at various places and events such as: The Big Chill Festival, iTunes Festival, Camp Bestival, The RoundHouse, BBC Radio 4’s ‘Bespoken Word’, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Royal Festival Hall and many more. She is an associate artist of the Roundhouse and is excited to be part of the producing team for Shake the Dust. “It is awesome to see so many young people given the space to express themselves and their voices celebrated. It is an honour to be part of something I believe will make a difference to a lot of people.”

Chinedum Nwokonkor
Chinedum Nwokonkor is 19 years old and currently studying at St. George’s University of London. Why Shake the Dust? Three words. Talent. Inspiration. Truth. There is power in the word. Every poem, written and spoken, is a message from that person’s life, each with the potential to empower someone. Words precede actions. Words transform lives, and this will be seen working within all the incredible poets who speak here. Shake the Dust is a collection of hearts, speaking the fruits of their lives into the lives of others, and Chinedum is very honoured to be a part of it.