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"Authors, Visionaries, Dream-weavers..."

“Authors, Visionaries, Dream-weavers…”

“Authors, Visionaries, Dreamweavers…” South West Shadow Poet, Hay Brunsdon lets Shake the Dust in on her all time Poetry Heroes… “I think my real poetry heroine was a dreadful substitute Geography teacher I had in year 9, her mundane lesson about the horrific distress and admin caused by earthquakes bored me into writing my first...
Karen Lodge @ The Barbican Theatre's Poetry Heroes

Karen Lodge @ The Barbican Theatre’s Poetry Heroes

As a relative newbie to the wonderful world of Spoken Word my poetry heroes are those that i visited in my school days and the new discoveries i have made on my own Shake the Dust journey. The more i look the more i love…. Those artists that are working so hard in the South...