FOUR days to go! … and Yorkshire’s slam is here!

Excitement is detonating inside of me, and flames of positivity surround!!

As a shadow artist on this project I have truly enjoyed every step of way. The past ten weeks has been a road of deep expression, pure inspiration, and wonderful development. The most rewarding part of the project is perhaps the way I’ve witnessed young people I have encouraged, morphing from shy individuals, into true team slammers!!

Representing the youth group, First Floor, at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, my team of talented poets are ready to Smash through the ground with the power of their words. Our final team pieces explore the themes of Family truce, the Olympics and self-truce through body image.

I simply couldn’t be prouder of each individual I have taught and the strength of their work.

The relationship I have built with my Poet Coach Paulette Morris is an aspect of this project I appreciate most of all. Her creative idea’s have endlessly inspired me to push myself to reach new heights. Weather that was through the written content of my own work, ways to connect to young people or performance elements, she has always been a light to guide. She even involved me outside of work, where I was given the opportunity to perform at and judge a slam event with Leeds Young Authors.

However excited I may be for Saturdays slam, I also have to be honest in saying I feel a shadow of sadness in knowing that this will mark the end. This project has been everything I hoped it would be and I know I will miss it so much.

So, I guess this is it, workshops over, all that’s left is, SLAM!!!

Let’s bring it down, shout it proud, and slam our hearts out. Go Yorkshire!


“Britannia is a begger woman, because the coffers were emptied, for the honour of the Olympics. Her children surround her, and she cannot feed them, so she makes them smile as the torch passes” –  ..From the poem ‘Britannia’s Children‘, by the First Floor slammers.