I’m an International School teacher in Finland, teaching kids between 6 and 18 years old. Through Netlibris I got to hear about Lynk Reach London Teenage Poetry Slam, and with Arja Kangasharju, we contacted Jacob Sam-La Rose, met him, and got hooked! Then we started to get Slämärit going and made it nation wide right from the beginning!

Slämärit i open to kids aged 12-16 years old, we have had five Final Celebrations so far, using techniques that Jacob taught us, and have had so much fun doing it all. It hasn’t always been easy, but on the whole it has been interesting and motivating. Plus, I have been able to take lot of the things I’ve learned through Slämärit and used them in my regular teaching which is a bonus! In my opinion students gain self-confidence, as well as a wider perspective on things, and a chance to be heard! Through youth slam they gain positive memories, new friends, and a deeper understanding of poetry. The biggest challenges for Slämärit students, is to trust in themselves, in us teachers, and in the poet coaches that they won’t embarrass themselves or be embarrassed by others. It take guts to do something new, regardless of what someone else might say about your writing and performance.

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