Consulting Slam Producer: Young Identity

Young Identity (YI) was formed in Moss Side, Manchester in 2006. It is a twenty-six strong group of young poets, led by the senior poets, Shirley May and Ali Gadema (Frisko). Young Identity has at its core a Poetry Slam team. This team represented Manchester in the ‘Apples & Snakes ‘World Cup Slam Championship 2006. In preparation for this Championship YI underwent a series of workshops created and facilitated by some of Manchester’s leading poets, including Shirley May, Julian Daniel, Segun Lee-French, Ali Gadema and the late Dike Omeje. At the core of Young Identity is the performances group called Inna Voice who are interchangeable depending on the availability of young identity poets, over the last three years they have performed all around the UK and internationally.

Consulting Slam Producer: Wordsmith Awards

Wordsmith Awards is an organisation created to harness and nurture young people’s desire to take ownership of our primary medium of expression. Language is forever being remixed by the next generation hungry to add their own nuances onto the rich canvass of speech and writing that is the font from which all great books, poems, texts and oratory have been created. They have worked with 400 students in 15 schools and created over 200 original pieces of work. They have lit the combined touch paper of self confidence, self expression and thirst for lifelong learning in the majority of students ranging from year 7 through to sixth form. Wordsmith Awards encourages its participants to come to poetry through song writing, MCing, creative writing, a burning need to get something off their young chests, or a tool to uncover an erstwhile oppressed voice.


Venue Partner: Contact

Contact’s vision is a world where young people are empowered by creativity to become leaders in both the arts and their communities. Contact is a dynamic charity based in Manchester with young people at the heart of everything they do. Their programme is fluid, flexible and diverse, welcoming theatre, art, music, spoken word, dance, and DJs into all of their spaces. Not simply a producing house or a presenting venue, Contact is a space where artistic experiments are explored, developed, and completed. With an expansive notion of what theatre can be, Contact embraces partnership working with organisations and individuals both locally and internationally.