Peter Hayhoe shares how he went from scribble to featuring at festivals in today’s Poetry Changed Me post…

Peter HayhoeIt has been almost 3 year since I sat in the basement of the Poetry Café with my hands quavering upon an exercise book of random thoughts and ideas. I wasn’t really sure if it was poetry, but I knew it was something. I would often scribble small disjointed stories that played around with rhythm and structure. Eventually surmounting the courage to read my pieces aloud I slowly, after many experimental open mic slots, started to form my own style.

Like many poets before me I questioned my own ability. It wasn’t until a small group of my poetical friends decided to form a collective, and include me in it, that I realised my full potential as an artist.

This past year I have featured at many wonderful nights and festivals including Lounge On The Farm where this photo was taken. Surrounded by many great poets, sometimes I have to pinch myself at the opportunities poetry has given me. I have not only made great friends, but have also found an art form that supports my often arcane and madcap thoughts.