Today’s Poetry Changed Me post is about the relationship Louise Fazackerley has built with poetry.  A strong bond that has taken her from self doubt to boosting the confidence of others through forming her own writing group.

louiseThe first time I realised there was something going on between poetry and me was in Year 7 English.  We had to write a poem for homework.  With my usual CBA (can’t be asked) attitude I wrote the poem in 10 minutes sat in the playground.  It was about a tree.  And the teacher nearly wet her pants going on about how good it was and I didn’t understand why? It had been so easy… (and I liked it. Shhhhh.)

We just clicked.  With poetry I make pictures with words, work out my feelings and tell you what I really think about the world.  Me and poetry have started a writing group, The Secret Writers Club, and seen people grow in confidence and become really good writers.  It’s led to me earning money and creating projects for other artists to work on. I love you poetry.

When I was at school I’d think: I’m lazy– I’m always late– I’m a waste of brains- I’m a waste of space.

Now I think: I’m proper hard-workingI’m creativeI actually have a talent. 

…And that talent is making poetry that people understand, that touches them and sometimes, just sometimes makes people laugh.  Wow- I make the world a better place. Get in!

Louise Fazackerley is a shadow poet for the North West region.  She works as a freelance poet and project manager for community arts projects.