Poetry Changed Me posts are all about how poetry has had an impact on some of the spoken word artists around the country and the world. Today we have Dorothy Fryd acknowledge what poetry has done for her…

Dorothy Fryd

These days the sky is either gravy

or rose cut, notes chime in steel

or sunrise, water isn’t just water,

it’s laced or crimson or tinged

or high tide. Trees aren’t just trees,

there are craggy, arthritic, vested

in crocodile skins.

There’s always a mantel piece,

or open fire-place, the panoptic

chimney pot; always the kid-

next-door’s riddle to decipher;

always the flirt of narrative,

its obscure other-tongue.

Then the crunching hour;

house churning with white noise,

the words visiting my hands

like butter, until it seems

anything is possible.


Dorothy teaches Creative Writing at Kent University and co-tutors on the Barbican Young Poets Project. www.dorothyfryd.co.uk