Paul here, Poet coach with the wonderful and talented Greenwich and Lewisham Young Peoples Theatre, working alongside the equally lovely and talented Jennifer Perry (shadow coach). We are having a lot of fun, and our group of strangers are steadily becoming a group of “lets have a bit of a laugh together and do this.”

In terms of a Poetry Hero for me came about early in my career when I got to perform for the first time with John Cooper Clarke. At this time I was firing poems off  the stage like a gunslinger and then on came this slightly elderly gentleman, who could fire poems off the stage as well, but he also had a knack of just talking to the audience between poems. It was a mixture of stand-up, conversation and confession and just totally changed the mood of the gig. I gigged again with him, last November at The Dialogue Festival,  were we shared a bill with The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company and Tim Key (The Edinburgh comedy award winner from 2 years ago)

John was just the same, great poems full of energy and killer delivery, but fun open banter with the audience in between. Half of the four hundred people there didn’t know who he was, but at the end all were won over by his style and skills. You should Google John Cooper Clarke, but better still go and see him!

Big wishes to one and all, Paul.