Film Producer and Photographer Patrick Bethell tells Shake the Dust how words and lyrics changed him in the inspiring 360° blogpost…

“As a kid ambition can be anything, everybody would try and strive to be the professional footballer or a famous dancer. In fact I remember saying to my Mum at the age of 8 that I would buy her a whole row of houses when I started playing for England.

As you grow up it’s important to hold on to what you wanted to become or get as close to it as you can. When I was 17 the culmination of bad grades and a difficult year at home meant that I started to lose all confidence in myself. I stopped playing football and stopped caring about a lot of things that I should have.

I realised that I couldn’t let my family down, they’d tried to help me every way they could. As the end of my sixth form year I was sat in my bedroom at home realising that I had probably failed most of my exams.  That evening I heard a song called ‘Liquid Diction’ by an artist by Jehst that gave me a new perspective on what I wanted to do. The lyrics made me step back and evaluate what I was doing, it gave me space to think clearly through the flow, word play and the beat…

I might not succeed but it’s instinctive to try, to see my goals achieved before I die. And if my flow runs dry, I’ll rehydrate to dilate’

A few months later I got my first 35mm analogue camera, I’ve been shooting ever since. It has led me to having my work shown on the BBC as well as starting up a production company. Projects like Shake the Dust are so important to young people for the same reason, words can change and influence our aspirations and I have never looked back since”

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