Hello again

Wow!  What an exciting project to be part of!  The North East teams have been busy since my previous post.  Most have now completed the 1st full day’s session and the 3 half day sessions with the selected 20 young people and are all keen to get cracking with the groups of 8 after the Easter break (unintentional easter egg/cracking pun slipped in there!)

It was hard enough to select 20 from the numbers of young people worked with in the first session but believe me when I say that selecting 8 young people from the 20 was an extremely difficult task.  It definately helps to have two poets during this selection process.

The one thing that has amazed me the most is how responsive the young people have been, producing and performing some excellent poetry in such a short space of time.  Here are a couple of photos from the team that Jeff Price and I are currently working with, on the final day of the 3 sessions of 20 pupils. These photo’s were taken during the slam.

We have 4 mainstream school teams and one team of excluded young people in the North East.  Poets had the chance to give updates on how each team is coming along at the second of the professional development days held 2 weeks ago at ARC.  Here are two snippets of video footage from discussions held that day, kindly recorded and edited by Kirsten Luckens of Apples and Snakes North East:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image