Hello! Katy again from the South West! So by now everyone pretty much has the final 8 Poet Stars to perform their vocal magic down here at the fantasticaly, funky Barbican Theatre on June 15th!

My Youth Group, Voices for Change,  with Poet Coach Sally Jenkinson and myself Katy Else as seen in this lovely photo have been busy writing, performing and having lots of fun!


On Monday I began the Workshop by doing a warm-up exercise of ‘Greet Me’. We had to make up a new way of greeting each other that involved a new word or noise and a new gesture. We had a wide variety of raspberry blowing, clapping, and lyrics like ‘Who let the dogs out, Who who who who’. The purpose of this exercise was to show something simple in a new unique way!



We have also been busy gathering ideas about what people want to write about and about the meaning behind ‘Truce’ with stories of the War and the truce that was made on Christmas day to stop fighting and play football in no-mans land. Also interestingly enough a Truce was made for the first Olympics in Greece to let the people visiting who wanted to watch the Games not to be harmed on the way into the City.

I have recently spoken to Hay Brunsdon, another Shadow poet for the South West, working with Jon Seagrave in Brook Green. We conducted a little Interview:

Me: ‘Please Describe your group in 3 words’

Hay: ‘enthusiastic, energetic, enterprising’

Me: ‘Tell me a little bit about how your Workshop work’

Hay: ‘A session isn’t complete without a mad-cap game of Zip, Zap, Boing or something similar involving the kids leaping around the room. Then we get on to group writing giving them choices of what to write about – they pick from a selection of themes; we want to see what inspires them!’

Me: ‘Can you give me some of the best poetry lines so far from the project?’

Hay: ‘Some of the best lines to come out was in a rap about chocolate ‘stuffing Snickers down my knickers!’

I respect anyone that raps in an amazing West Country accent…

Chocolate, chocolate makes you fat/ Gives you acne; spots and that/ I want my Easter gift from you/ Bunnies and chicks in my chocolate zoo!’

So there you have it. From the South West Shaking Our Dust off!!