The second Shake the Dust development day for Poet Coaches and Shadows took place yesterday at the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton. It was great to catch up with each other and share our experiences so far.

Jacob Sam-La Rose, the artistic director of the project, is a firm believer of trying all the exercises yourself before you impose them on your students. We all enjoyed an activity where we were given a poem and asked to make physical images to go with the words. In the picture Tina, Mike, Steve and Rosy are building up to a moment where they manifest shower gel!

I asked all the Shadows and Coaches what their most magical Shake the Dust moment had been so far …

Here are some of the answers:

“The haiku one of my students wrote without knowing what a haiku is”

 “One girl turning up with a book of poems she’d written after the first workshop”

 “When a group started mixing and matching their lines and created something new. They couldn’t wait to perform it because they knew it was good”

“Upsetting the students expectations about poetry – that it can be alive and in the room like a funky elephant”

“Getting the kids to work on rap structures and seeing their looks of horror turning into glorious realisation that they could do it”