As a relative newbie to the wonderful world of Spoken Word my poetry heroes are those that i visited in my school days and the new discoveries i have made on my own Shake the Dust journey.

The more i look the more i love….

Those artists that are working so hard in the South West; Sally Jenkinson, Lucy Lepchani, Jon Seagrave, Sara-Jane Arbury and Glenn Carmichael where chosen because their work is relevant and the way they work with our young people is so generous and accessible.

The Shadow artists that are developing and becoming the next generation of amazing educators and performers: Katy Else, Rebecca Tantony, Hay Brunsdon, Jack Whitfield and Jo Tatum.

And those artists that are involved in the project in different roles

Each one makes me proud to be part of this project…

My all time favourite Benjamin Zephaniah says what needs to be said in a way that makes it real, makes you want to make a difference, and makes you feel it in your bones. The things that he talks about are what we should all be talking about and the way he says them makes me want to do something.

Im not a writer (other than of press releases and project reports!) but when i read his work and when i was lucky enough to see him on stage at The Barbican (Plymouth)  he made me believe that i could be, that if i felt strongly enough i could put my words on paper and turn them into something poetic, something that meant something.

As a mum i want to make sure that words are in my sons life, make sure he enjoys the magic of storytelling and imagination as i did. Our family favourite is Julia Donaldson. With her wonderful rhymes and captivating characters we can often spend hours reading through our collection… our favourite is “What the Ladybird Heard”.


You can follow @barbicanbee and make sure you get yourself down for the South West Regional Final on Friday 15 June | 6.30pm