In the Spotlight introduces you to someone new who’s involved in Shake the Dust.

Bea Udeh is a Creative Producer at Nottingham Playhouse, our Venue Partner in the East Midlands.

What do you love about your venue?
I love the fact that Nottingham Playhouse is in the centre of the city, but it’s also sort of tucked away – hidden, in part, by a huge silver dish (Sky Mirror by Anish Kapoor) which reflects light from the sun in a way that attracts the diversity of people, projects, productions that is made in and around it.

Tell us about how your venue works with young people
Nottingham Playhouse produces three children’s theatre shows which tour into schools across the county. We run Critics’ Circle which is a forum for young people to see Nottingham Playhouse’s home made plays and critique them.  This incorporates Silver Arts award studies. We host and support Mouthy Poets as resident artists to run their weekly workshop sessions and co-produce their small-scale or main stage events.  We create high quality Youth Theatre productions which attract national acclaim.

Why are you excited about Shake the Dust?
Shake the Dust for me brings a holistic approach to getting young people, performing artists, organisations and the public really saying something about who they are, what they do and slamming it down in a competitive way. Competition is good. Poetry is great! Meeting new and young and older faces to make this work is fantastic; working on Shake the Dust is the best!

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