Well I have always steered clear from writing too much on blogs as I just saw it as people needing to moan or just talk about themselves a lot.

I would like to apologise for this crude view as I have seen it do so much more, it can be used for fun, to exercise those personal demons and all sorts in fact it is a very useful tool.

Anyway my name is Danni Skerritt and I am a lesser known writer meandering from genre to different mediums, if it can be written I have tried it or am in the process of making it happen.

As an introduction I have written for a number of years all over the country and abroad, but now I find myself in Manchester and to be honest Manchester treats me very well, hence this is my spiritual birthplace. I find myself pining for this place no matter where I am it is an anchor or my true north. Very cheesy I hear you say, but I feel what I feel.

This year has started with a bang, as I was chosen as a shadow for The Shake The Dust initiative and if that was not enough I have been chosen as Digital Champion meaning I get to report on the entire project for the North West

Inspirational stuff right, we are all looking to band together to hopefully make something quite new and fresh.

The poem I entered to Shake the dust to get the chance to Shadow a poetry coach was this:

You made me. Me

You held me for nine months and I need you still
To be without you is that
Bottomless void that cannot be Filled

I’ve been chosen to bark
The eulogy stating everything
Happens for a reason,
But what reason is this

You hardly drank and went to church
So still my soul I search
Why you when there are more
Worthy candidates

I’m to babble words so commonly used
In this time, but this is no common
Situation there is only one
You, hence I mock these words Worth.

Let some other fiend
Read them claiming there from the heart
I turned my back the day you were
Taken from me

I see the angry in the crowd below
For this faith I dismiss,
But look closer there’s someone missing
From this religious list

I think to you Mum, is your faith still clear?
If so please reappear
So once more I can believe
I’m not reading those hollow words
From that good book

I’m full of rage, that can’t be filled
I’m thirsty with hate, which can’t be quenched.

I make no apologies for what I say
Or the way I feel
So give your condolences to this grieving son
It may fall on deaf ears
Because my tale is done!

Yes feel free to comment I lost my Mum a few years back and she was pretty young, so I was very angry I even decided I no longer wished to write, I know pretty wild, but now I’m back with things to say as well as write.

One last thing a parting shot of sorts to all the people stating that due to my dyslexia I would never be seen as a creditable writer and should give it up quite simply thank as you spurred me on.

Until the next account thanks for your time.