Hi there, and welcome to the Shake the Dust blog. I thought I’d take a moment to introduce the blog and some of the bloggers you’ll be hearing from. I’m Miriam Nash, assistant producer for Shake the Dust. Like so many of us who work behind the scenes on this project, I’m also a poet.

Over the next few months, we’ll be featuring posts from venues, slam producers and other partners who are making Shake the Dust happen across the country. Through our In the Spotlight posts, you’ll hear about the passions, dreams and achievements of an incredible range of people and organisations who all have one thing in common: a commitment to working with young people and poetry.

In the spirit of Shake the Dust, you’ll also hear from young people, poets, teachers, parents and a whole range of people about the difference poetry has made in their lives. We’ll be running a series of posts called Poetry Changed Me, celebrating all kinds of people poetry has touched.

As the project moves forward, we’ll also be hearing from international slam practitioners, project ambassadors and a range of people who make slam their business. Our national production team will also pop in to share info, updates and aspirations. There’s Jacob Sam-La Rose our artistic director, Lucy Crompton-Reid our executive producer, programme coordinators across the country and our super-human marketing team: Nina McDonagh, Dan Simpson and Daisy Dockrill.

Come February, when the workshops start and young people from up and down the country join the project, you’ll be hearing all about that too. Stay tuned.