In the Spotlight features the people, venues and organisations that are making Shake the Dust happen. Jenni Owen is Community Programme Manager at ARC, Stockton on Tees, the venue partner leading the project in the North East.

What do you love about ARC?

ARC is exciting to be part of, the programme is diverse and contemporary and it is the best venue in the Tees Valley. The ARC team are a dedicated, creative and committed team and I am proud to be part of it. I love the fact that ARC is dedicated to engaging at all levels with the community and has a varied enough programme to offer this opportunity.

Tell us about how ARC works with young people

ARC engages with young people on many levels and through many different art forms. We work with young people through targeted programmes in addition to offering regular creative learning activity. We work with young people through traditional routes and also through non-traditional routes which cater for those young people most at need.

Why are you excited about Shake the Dust?

Because the project gives ARC the chance to work with and develop meaningful relationships with exciting regional practitioners and local schools and community groups. Being part of a national project will give ARC the chance to act as a flagship venue for encouraging young people to be involved with spoken word and poetry in the North East. This is a genuine opportunity for young people to develop new skills by engaging in an exciting and innovative project.