Shake the Dust is a celebration of the power of poetry in education. We know that when poets bring their work into classrooms and youth groups, incredible things can happen.

Blog for Shake the Dust

If you are a poet and you’d like to get involved with Shake the Dust, we would love to hear your experiences of slam poetry via our blog, then please email

We’re particularly interested in 150-200 word posts about the following:

Poetry Changed Me – has Poetry changed you? This is your chance to explain how.

Poetry Heroes – who has inspired you in the world of Poetry? Do you have any Poetry Superheroes? We would love to hear your thoughts. Videos can be included in the post.

Old School – this is where young and old get the chance to be open about which teachers, youth workers, educators and role models have influenced and inspired them and why – you could even get that inspirational person to write a blog post too.

360° – takes a look at how Shake the Dust and the power of words can bring people together, celebrating Shake the Dust as a community project. How are poetry, storytelling, lyrics and words are important in everyday life.

Poetry and Sport –  talks about the power of words and their links in the world of sport.


These are just some of the ideas you can blog about but we welcome all ideas and creativity so get those thinking caps on and bring your personality into the mix, Shake the Dust off!