What do you get if you mix talented young poets, breakdancing, beat boxing, rhythm and rhyme, and lines of words? An excited room full of anticipation for the South West Regional Final, that’s what!

The South West brought passion mixed with nerves and highly potent new words never performed before, by some children who had never performed on a stage before. Yep, the legacy of Shake the Dust is showing itself through this new generation of poets and it’s a beautiful sight to see!

The individual performances of the judges (Hannah Silva, Callum Mitchell, Steve Murray) really hyped up the crowd and the participants to make this a night remember, and showed them how the professionals do it in the poetry game.

The five schools/young people organisations taking part were:

– Voices for Change
– Stoke Damerel
– Sir John Hunt
– Brooke Green
– Tor Bridge High

The first set of performances was a round centered on the theme of “Truce”.  Each team brought their own poetic flavour in terms of the voices, performance, stories and words used.  The second round was a round with no certain theme, which meant that the group performance poems touched on topics like dreams, taking chances, friendship, fears and family.

Each team really worked hard and all their efforts were rewarded by each winning a trophy for various things. Good luck to Stoke Damerel who will be going to the National Shake the Dust Final in London to represent the South West region.