Hi everybody!

Right, my name is Jennifer Perry. I wish I had a stage name, but I really don’t. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to swing them over to me! I’ve grown up in East London and I’m on the brink of finishing a degree in Creative and Professional Writing. (cannot wait!) (I overuse exclamation marks, sorry!)

When I’m not feeling guilty about the university assignments I’m meant to be doing, I love to be up on a stage somewhere, mic in hand, entertaining. What most captivated me about poetry was the buzz of having an audience’s attention and the freedom of being able to say whatever it is you feel you need to; that’s exciting.

I’ve been writing and performing for the last six years, but following an amazing trip to Chicago in November, I’d like to think I’ve ‘upped my game’. I’m so passionate about poetry as a method of expression, along with the technique and skill it requires to truly master the fitting together of words and when I was offered the chance as a Shadow Coach, I jumped right on it!

I’m gonna be working with the amazing Paul Lyalls at Greenwich Young Peoples Theatre. We’re both absolutely buzzing to get started. It’s great reading what everyone else is up to all over the country, weeks are flying by and these regional finals will be here before we know it! You might’ve guessed by now, but I love having a platform to talk so representing my region, London, is pretty exciting for me too. I get to waffle on about how incredible things are going and hope that you’ll be left inspired, entertained and well-informed.

Until we meet again, or until you read again, keep writing, keep performing, keep dreaming.

Jennifer x