The Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College team is well on their way to the final. At the first workshop not a single word was written down and I was a bit worried about how to turn play into poetry, but with a little help from East Enders everything is possible. Last week the students literally threw themselves on the flip chart paper we’d spread out on the floor and started writing their poems on the theme of truce. Inspired by a scene from the famous TV soap where a conflict was resolved with a handshake, the students came up with their own truce situations.


My coach Mike Parker and I (Lou Ice) usually spend our train journey to Farnborough scribbling our poems as examples, and this is what I came up with.


Hometown Truce


You agreed to stop pretending

being you’re something you’re not

And I agreed to leave

my pride in my suitcase


When you stopped

calling your paths streets

and your pond a lake

I could walk round it

saluting your natural beauty


When I stopped

wearing sunglasses in the rain

and dressing my summer in black

You could finally see me

and say hello



I’m looking forward to the next workshop and can’t wait to see the students’ truce poems develop. When asked what they liked best about the last session, they all agreed that working together was good fun.  The fear I felt when turning up on the first day has turned into excitement. And next time you slop down in front of East Enders remember to look out for poetic moments …