A word from Deborah Stevenson one of Shake the Dust’s fantastic Consulting Slam Producer’s.

“One of the most unexpected exciting elements of being the Shake the Dust Consulting Slam Producer and Artist Liason is the amount of inspiration it has given me. Every time I visit a workshop I become a participant and I get the opportunity to write and enjoy the writing of others.

On a visit to Tuxford Academy, where Michelle ‘Mother’ Hubbard and Ioney Smallhorne were teaching an amazing group of young people, I enjoyed their poetry so much I wrote my own interpretation of the poem they were piecing together. Here it is…”


Before Money

When my brother found a maggot in his Kitkat,

We had to keep it in the fridge for two weeks.

Next to the ham and the Cathedral City

in separate sandwich bags. Waiting

for the Nestle Man to come and examine

the meaty maggot with latex gloves.


Apparently if my brother had eaten the maggot

he wouldn’t have noticed. The Nestle Man

peeled off his gloves like a yoghurt lid

and gave my brother a cheque for £15.00.

We’d never had a cheque before.


15 x one weekends pocket money.

12 x white chocolate Magnums,

like the ones Nonna would get

out the freezer in the shed.

Or 300 x strawberry liquorish straws,

or 150 x raspberry ice poles or

uncountable days of cranberry-red-dry insides.


Scrubbing the red from the carpet

Mum shouted louder than the unanswered house phone.


But we were twelve

what else could we have bought?