Andy Cooke, a musician from the Punk/Rock band, Fighting Fiction, tells us @Shake the Dust how performing your words on stage can turn anyone into the most powerful and confident person in the world…

“In regards to poetry and lyrics I think it’s amazing how they can make you feel something, whether it’s a nice feeling or sad feeling and whether your on your own or with people. There’s artists like Bruce Springsteen, Gaslight Anthem who are so good at telling stories and their words are an inspiration to me as an artist.

Narrative lyrics can be used as a form of escapism, they tell a story and have the ability to make me feel like and connect with the characters in the songs. That’s what separates music from other mediums like films for example. What a lot of people don’t realise is that whatever genre of music they are into, music helps them connect with each other due to the way lyrics and poetry make them feel.

They don’t just have the basic connection of “I like this, oh so do you, cool!” live peformance actually forces them to express their feelings in a way that usually they would be quite cautious about expressing. i.e. if i’m at a gig and someone is shouting out the chorus and you catch their eye and instantly have a connection. They wouldn’t come up to you and do that in the street.

Whilst on tour with my band Fighting Fiction I’ve met so many musicians at shows who are the mostly quiet, shy and cagey off-stage but as soon as they pick up their acoustic guitar and play to their audience they completely transform, they will express themselves through lyrics about politics, right or wrongs, their beliefs, feelings or views, even though they might not bring these up in a conversation.

I can’t explain how music, lyrics and poetry transforms an artist on stage from the shy person to the person who is confident but I know it’s amazing! Projects like Shake the Dust do exsactly this, make sure you get yourself down to the National Final this weekend and watch the young people kick some ass!”


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