Shake the Dust is proud to be endorsed by some incredible people. They come from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences, but one thing unites them: a love of words and an understanding of the transformative power of creativity. Read their messages of support below!

‘Slam is one of most dynamic and powerful ways of giving young people a voice. It allows for honest interaction. Between minds and a sharing of truths, each slightly different to the one before. And it also brings together the poet and the audience in a unique way, making each as relevant as the other. Not only that, but slam projects have brought together whole new artistic communities that support and challenge each other in beautiful ways. Shake the Dust will be one such slam. It will be the biggest ever attempted in the UK, and will be led by some of the most impressive names in spoken word. The microphone is a relay baton, and this is the perfect way to hand it down. I am delighted to have been asked to judge, and will be bringing the spirit of SLAMbassadors with me.’

Joelle Taylor, Slambassadors UK, Shake the Dust Judge.

‘There is nothing more powerful or more beautiful than young people who have chosen to return back to an ancient form of expression – Poetry and poetry slam helps to define youth voice and celebrate a new generation of leader…BIG UP EVERY TIME and REMEMBER! #The Points aren’t the point, the point is the poetry.’

Poet, Founder and Artistic Director of Leeds Young Authors: Voices of a New Generation.