I have not been writing much this month but talking a lot about the Shake the Dust project. It is getting better and better, my group in Young Identity are becoming very pro-active and seem really driven! Their excitement is infectious and I look forward to more of this during the following months. This process has made me think I used to sit where they sit so out of no where I feel really old, yet only slightly wiser I guess it is weird what can spark your own thoughts of mortality.

I would not exchange this experience for anything though as I have learnt so much from all of them so far and sure there is more to come

With each day and week bringing us closer to  the regional Final I find myself wanting it to come later as I don’t want these sessions to end. The group is getting louder and all the members of Young Identity, (even the ones who are not performing) have improved as writers. I look forward to what new poems that have unearthed from their psyche, and this inspiration has been definitely a two way street.

The group helped me write a poem about getting older which I’ll show you here…
Older Days

Older in the day I feel
I beg time to be circular
A hollow body like me, fighting a losing
Battle against that old fiend time.

For now I am older, religion seems an idea of a soughts
The thing so many wars are fought.

Religion is a hobby many my age endure.

Fore such a practice seems the thing to
Anything to conceal our past, our inevitable doom.

The fog outdoors makes nature
Cloudy along with
My future.
AH! A lark, so dark yet I watch on still, soar higher and higher
An emissary of the sky.
What a Romantic notion, I shall keep that one
me thinks.